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Food Parcels for India

On March 24th, the Indian government gave 1.3 billion people 4 hours’ notice that the country would be going into full lock down. This included no mass transport, no food markets and a curfew. Many people in India are either migrant workers living hundreds of miles from home and/or they run their own small business. Workers earnings are often paid daily in cash. In four hours millions of people lost their sole source of income, their accommodation and no way of getting home. Friends of Community Church, Ashish and Dennis Varghese, lead a church in the north west of India.Many of their members,reliant on daily wages,were left with no food. The brothers swiftly put into place a food programme, making up packs of essential items and distributing food. They faced challenges going out during the curfew but did eventually manage to get food to those who need it, particularly when the curfew was eased. As a result of donations from the Community Church family and a gift from church funds we were able to send £2000 to support our brothers and sisters in India.

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