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Recently, I had to visit my doctor as I had found four large lumps which concerned me.  After examining me, the GP told me she felt 50% – 75% sure that I could have cancer and taking my hand said she was sorry.  I cried for the rest of that day and rang some of my church family to tell them how scared I was.  I had just lost my dad to cancer in February so, as you can imagine, I was frightened.  My dad loved Jesus just like me.

Richard Harris, a member of Community Church, rang me to ask if he could pray with me.  My response was a clear “yes”.  I really needed prayer and was praying a lot myself in the middle of my fear.  Richard spoke in tongues really loudly and then told me what the tongues meant.  He believed that God was saying “I have heard your cries but I am the God who heals.  You will not have cancer and you will not need an operation because I am bringing healing to you.  You will be a sweet smelling sacrifice to me and your testimony will bring glory to my name.”

When I went for my hospital appointment, I wasn’t allowed to have anyone with me and I sat alone in the waiting room with only God beside me and I cried out to him. I had a portfolio of photographs with me as I believe God had told me to keep a record of my condition and the specialist felt things didn’t look good.  As she performed the tests I had come in for, I kept praying that Richard’s words of healing would be true.  After I had been examined, the specialist told me that the lumps were gone, someone had removed them and I did not have cancer and did not need an operation. This was just what God had told me through Richard. 

As the song says “I raise a Hallelujah.”  I was in the middle of a storm and the church was fighting with me. I believed I would be healed and I praise God that I am here and will get to be a grandmother to my daughter’s first child later this year.  One word I would say to everyone is “believe”.  If you are in a storm and you don’t feel God close to you, know he is there fighting for you and fighting for all of us.  What he has done for me, he can sure do for any of us!

Carole Garwood

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  1. John Naylor

    What a fantastic testimony of the goodness of God. This really is the good news that Jesus is king and that God’s kingdom has arrived

    • Bernard

      Carole, your testimony to the truths of God’s word is fantastic. No matter what our situation our Sovereign Lord is still on His throne. I continue to hold you in my prayers as I did your Dad.

  2. Trevor Shotter

    This is a wonderful testimony Carole, thank you for sharing it.


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