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This was the prophetic poem that Brain recently read out to us as a church – reminding us how inclusive God’s love is:


For I love everyone

I love you all
With a deep passion
I want you each to prosper
Know my peace
And fulfill your potential

Right now
I want to especially bless
And draw your attention to
Those amongst you
Who may be marginalised
Due to the way I made them

Nobody living
To my eyes
Is less than perfect
For each of you is unique
No two people are the same

The society you inherited
And continue to develop
Is very discriminatory
Has a hierarchy of capacities
And rewards
Gives greater attention to
Those it most values

My desire is that
You reach out to
Give your special attention to
The marginalised among you
And these will include all ages
Of those
Who may be
Think differently from most others
Have some physical capacity limitations
Don’t function like most of us

For my vision
Is a truly inclusive
Community church
Sharing my overwhelming love
So that everyone is able to feel
In the life of your fellowship
Including parents and carers

The knowledge of how to do this
Exists among you
Just turn to me
Seek my guidance
Seek my enabling love
And surrender to me
All of doubts and fears
As you receive my peace
My excitement
At the journey
I will lead you through
Transforming your very understanding
And practise
Of community

And through this
You will be prepared
For my dream
To reveal and offer
To your whole town
A truly inclusive way
To make community

Just as
Father, Son and Holy Spirit
Are community
Are true trinity
Each and every member
Functioning in harmony
And sharing
And arriving at
A common understanding

This is the process of creation
Envisioning every possible consequence
Arising out of a mutual affection
True respect
Expressed through our love
For all we create

So join me now
Answer my call
And make a truly inclusive

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