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We continue to enjoy uninterrupted worship through song and music on a Sunday morning. Yet we also value and want to encourage testimonies and prophetic words within the life of the church. As we continue to find the best way to manage contributions in our hybrid church meetings on Sunday, please consider these ways to bring testimonies and prophetic words:

  1. Write them down and send them to the church office. As well as potentially being invited to then share them on a Sunday or ata nother time, we may be able to use them on this church blog and other social media so more people get to hear them.
  2. You could also create a video of your testimony or word and we can use that in the same way (keep it to under 3 minutes). Email the church office if you would like advice on the best way to record video testimonies and messages.
  3. We are going to have a ‘prophetic book’ available each Sunday morning as a place for you to write down words from God that you believe are for the church. We will then draw from these words and share some on subsequent Sunday meetings and at other times.
  4. We encourage you to be engaged in Family Hub which is a terrific environment for sharing testimonies and for learning to bring prophetic words of encouragement as we pray for one another.
  5. We would also encourage you to come along to The Well which is only in-person and which is set aside for worship, prayer and hearing from God – so we want to, and expect to, hear from God through prophetic words in those times.

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