The ‘ecosystem’ that is created within and around the kingdom tree speaks of God’s love and reflects the heart of our Creator.. Think of the picture this image of the tree invites us to consider. Wild animals feed from the fruit produced, birds bring up their young in its branches, squirrels make their homes here – even though they are not part of the tree itself. There is wildlife around, in and under the tree though it isn’t part of the tree itself. Many will come among us as a community and find shelter here from the storms; they will find security and safety. Those who are hungry will eat its fruit; those who are weary will be refreshed in its shade; those who need shelter and protection find safety; those who need strength can lean against it and stand under it; those who need healing find it in its leaves. The tree is a faithful presence that isn’t shaken and is visible from a distance, drawing people to it. People come and gather under it and the culture of transforming love that this tree creates brings about connection, community, inclusivity and diversity. It is organic and responsive to the needs of those around it. It is fruitful whatever the season.   There is life within, around, upon and coming from this tree – it is a remarkable tree of life!


Father, thank you for this really vital image of the tree that you use in your Word to reveal different aspects of the kingdom community that you have called us to be. Thank you that we are called to be co-creators with you of such a wonderful community. Help us to be open, creative and faithful in our efforts to reach out to the lost, the hurting, the broken, the weary and anyone in need. Amen.