The culture of transforming love is expressed in a variety of places and spaces around Huddersfield. It is expressed in homes and workplaces. It is expressed in the different opportunities we have across the town to show God’s life and love. It is expressed in our everyday worlds. Whatever place or space we find ourselves in, we have been asked by God to be those who practically show what God’s love is like. Loving those who others reject, bringing justice to those who are forgotten, giving honour and dignity to those who others may disregard, inviting them to fully belong to our community. We also have a special calling and opportunity in the Jubilee Centre and in the new Community Hub we have been given the opportunity to design and develop. This gives us a chance to create a space together that is full of the compassion and love of God made real through who we are and what we do. Our town will be a better place through what God does in and through us.


Lord, thank you for the multiple places and spaces where we all have opportunities to see your love expressed throughout this town. And thank you that we are seeing this happen. Thank you for the exciting and increasing opportunities we do have to show your love – together, and each of us in our everyday worlds. Help us to be faithful with the opportunities you give us. Amen