Day 17 – Every person unconditionally loved

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The unconditional, powerful love that runs through the river and up through the sap of the tree creates an outstanding, transformative community. In this community, whether people are part of the tree, living in or resting under the tree, all are unconditionally loved. Everyone who comes among us, whether an adult with learning difficulties, a single mum, someone from a different religion or someone from a broken background, all are honoured and respected for who they are. The community spends time learning to love everyone well, not just those easy to love. The community is full of people who are aware of their own emotional journeys so that they are able to help those who are in pain with emotional and mental health issues, those who are struggling with loss and those who are lonely. Aware of our own challenges and journey, we learn to love the stranger and the foreigner who need to belong, the sick who need healing, and the lost who need hope. There will be those who come among us from foreign lands who will find shelter, safety and acceptance. Others will need to find security from a life of turmoil with parents who are addicts; others will be hungry and need literal food and clothes; some will find spiritual nourishment in what we bring and others will simply enjoy the fresh breeze of the Holy Spirit among us. All are welcomed and accepted for who they are, wherever they are up to on their spiritual or natural journey in life. We have no other motive in accepting them, such as to make them like us; they are simply loved.


Jesus, you loved everyone unconditionally. You love us unconditionally. Help us to love in the same way. Help us to love all those who come among us. Amen. 

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