Day 19 – Loving in our everyday worlds

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We have some amazing opportunities as a church to love, welcome and include a wide range of people through the various projects, groups, and activities that we are involved in at Jubilee Centre and across the town, and through the daily work and witness at the Jubilee Centre. We reach people that we might not otherwise reach. This is like being a ‘light on a hill.’ But we must not underestimate the opportunities and potential we have of influencing people’s lives and transforming cultures through our daily lives, in our everyday worlds. And this is achieved through the power of love. It might simply be through that encouraging word, that act of kindness, the witness of how you conduct yourself and treat other people, or through using the skills you have learned about how to love well in your workplace, or your neighbourhood. This is like being the ‘salt of the earth’. We need the salt as well as the light on the hill. Do we believe that simply through the power of love we can actually help transform the whole culture of a hospital, a school, a factory, an office, a business, a neighbourhood? We simply have to believe in the power of the seeds we sow. Nothing may appear to happen at first, and we might understandably think we are making little impact. But eventually seeds bear fruit, and a whole landscape can change. Let’s just be open to God to keep on transforming us, then sow our seeds – or better still, lay down our lives as seed falling to the ground – and then watch the fruit grow and those everyday worlds be transformed.


Holy Spirit, thank you that you have poured out your love lavishly into our hearts. Thank you for the opportunities we have to make a difference in our everyday worlds through letting that love flow out. Help us to make the most of these opportunities and to believe in the potential of the seeds we sow. And hep us to lay down our lives for others. Amen. 

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