Day 19: Servant Leaders

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The second descriptor for our Empowering Leadership value is:

We recognise such leadership is based on calling, gift and anointing, that it is practised within the context of team and with the attitude of servant leaders – with humility, kindness, transparency and clear, healthy boundaries.

Good leaders are a gift to the church. They are a bit like a spice mix; each having their own characteristics, each having a distinct flavour. When you mix them with others they complement each other and produce something unique. Recognising who our leaders are and getting the right mix is important for the church. Leaders bring direction, security, vision and protection.  They work together as a team and are a unique fit for the family they are leading.

Serving the church is the primary role of a leader. Motivated by their love for people, their belief in the family that they serve and the vision that God has for them are keys to effective leadership. Servant leaders lead from the midst of the people, not from above them. They take responsibility, make decisions and are accountable from strong healthy relationships with fellow leaders and the rest of the family.

Listen to your leaders, who have spoken God’s word to you. Notice the fruits of their lives and mirror their faith.

Hebrews 13:7 The Voice


Thank you Jesus that you are the greatest example of a servant leader. Help us to follow your example and lead in whatever capacity you have called us to. Help us to serve one another whether as a leader or a follower as we travel together as family. Amen

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