In the gospels, we see Jesus loving unconditionally the outcasts of his society – the lepers, the blind and the lame, the woman with an issue of blood, a woman caught in adultery, a hated tax collector and con man. This was real love in the real world. Our understanding is that the Church, as the body of Christ, is to continue to do that. Jesus told his followers ‘as the Father has sent me, so am I sending you’ – sending us right into the middle of the mess to embody God. Sending us right among narky neighbours, difficult colleagues, troubled children; among mental health challenges, misunderstandings, fragmented relationships; among broken bodies and bruised souls. Sending us into the real world to continue to embody the love of God. To show the world what God looks like, what love looks like.


Lord, thank you for you unconditional, indiscriminate and outrageous love! Help me to learn to live in this love, and to show this love in my real world today. Help me to see a world transformed by such love. Amen.