Day 20 – Seeking the welfare of our town

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God spoke to us some years ago about ‘seeking the welfare of our town.’ This has always been part of the River/Tree vision. By receiving life from the river and by growing ‘the kingdom tree’ – a family and community that is living in love – we can change the whole environment around us. Our town is changed because of what God is doing in us, among us and through us by his Holy Spirit. We are thrilled to see that, already, many in our town speak so highly of the the work taking place at Jubilee Centre. Think of Melody Makers and its off-shoots, for example. And the Christmas Day meal! These are very highly regarded in our town, and spoken well of by councillors and various agencies across our town, as well as the many people who have benefited from them. There are other examples too. CAP has a national reputation and has recently been on TV and radio, including with reference to  our own local centre. Let us believe to see more of this visible impact. And if we are learning to love well in our everyday worlds, then there will also be a more invisible but equally significant impact on the welfare of our town. Also, simply to be a church family and community that loves like Jesus, and makes that love real in the real world and in the real places across our town will make all the difference to it. When the family of God lives in unity, the Lord commands a blessing – and that blessing is not just upon us, but upon the town. The favour of God will overflow to it, and this will affect it spiritually, economically, socially, culturally and in many ways. Let us be those who seek the welfare of our town.


Father, thank you for using us to bless our town. Thank you for the many ways in which we see that already happening. Help us to serve our town well, and to make your love real, in practical and tangible ways. And help us to live in love and in unity that your favour will overflow. Lord, bless our town. Amen!

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