Day 21 – See the painting come alive

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And so we draw to the end of our season of fasting and prayer, and of this series of posts about our vision. Part of what God was saying to us for this season was to come up higher and set our sights towards the vision he has given us and the future he is leading us into together. This is what these posts have tried to help us to do, while keeping it really practical because our vision is to make the love of God real in the real world. What matters most, however, is not the words on these posts but the vision and the passion that burns in each of our hearts to see these things realised. Then the words take shape and come alive. These posts have provided just a broad brush sketch of what God has called us to do together as a church. Each of us gets to add the fine details to this painting through our lives, relationships and service. We can each then find ourselves in this living picture. By being a church that has experienced, and continues to experience, the love of God, and that then expresses this love as a community that is inclusive and transformative, we see this painting come alive before our very eyes. By being loved into life and by living in love, we make the love of God real in the real world.


Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit – thank you for setting this amazing vision before us. Thank you for entrusting us to be co-creators with you of this heavenly vision. Help us to be faithful to it. Help us to work with you to see this heavenly vision be made real in the real world so that we do see, in Huddersfield, heaven coming to earth. Amen!

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