Day 3 – Loved into life and living in love

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We have been loved into life by the God who is revealed in Jesus Christ as a loving Father, and who is made real to us by the Holy Spirit. We go on experiencing this love increasingly and it makes us more and more fully alive. From this experience of Godā€™s love and life, a community of people are formed and shaped who are learning to live in the same kind of love that they have experienced from God. And then learn to make this love real to people in the real world. It is therefore not just about what we do but about who we are.


Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit – thank you for loving us into life and calling us to live in the same kind of love that you enjoy as the three-in-one God. Help me to live fully in this life that you have loved me into, and to learn to live in your amazing love! Amen

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