We see a church whose life flows from intimate connection and relationship with Father God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. We live from his presence. It is in worshipping that we are most fully alive. We all know what it is like when we worship together, and we sense the presence of God, and we feel alive on the inside. Everything flows from this heart of worship. The river of life flows from worship and worship becomes, for us, a way of life. It is not only when we are together corporately but it is part of our life in our everyday worlds. It is both a song raised up and a life laid down. It means to release the song of our heart, and to realise our lives are not our own. But we gladly lay down or hearts and lives, for we get God’s life in exchange.


Lord, we love to worship you. Thank you for your presence among us – it means everything to us. Help us to bring and give our all as we gather to thank, praise and worship you together. And help us to learn what it means to lay down our lives for you in worship, especially in our daily lives when we can be so easily distracted and get carried along by the currents of our culture. We want to experience your presence in our daily lives more and more. Amen.