Day 8 – Living well and living whole

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As well as being made alive in our spirit, God also wants to make us whole in our soul – and that involves a process over time. The river takes us on a journey, with twists and turns and, as in Ezekiel 47, we go progressively deeper into it – ankles, then knees etc. Our faith is not just about a quick fix; we are able to honour and embrace the process. We see a church where people are learning to live well and to live whole, seeing our lives progressively made whole through the gracious work of the Holy Spirit. We see a church where the flow of life and love affects and transforms our emotional, mental and relational health, as well as bringing physical healing. God’s ways are so good!


Holy Spirit, thank you for bringing us into this new life, and thank you also that you take us on a healing journey where we are made progressively made whole by your good and powerful work, transforming us from the inside out. Help us to embrace and co-operate with you in the process. And help us to be gracious and patient with each other as we each go on our journeys of being made whole. Amen

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