Focus – January 2018

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We are a family on a mission. Without ever forgetting we are family, our focus as the year unfolds will increasingly be on the mission we are called to as a church family. This is not just a call to do lots of stuff – it is a call to be who we are called to be. The following is a quote from Alison’s talk about mission from the last Church Family Meeting:

We are the anointed ones, called to make a difference.  We are the vessels of hope and change.

One of the fathers of the church, Bryn Jones, talked about being restorers:  to be the ‘Repairer of Broken Walls, Restorer of Streets with Dwellings.’  (Isaiah 58:12). But how do we do this? How do we transform and restore our communities? It starts with prayer: “God let your kingdom come.”  Prayer for our nation, our land, our leaders and our neighbours.  A cry that asks God to reveal to us his compassion for others, a cry to move by His Holy Spirit. This is a time to come together and pray passionately in a fresh way.

It is also time for courage and creativity. We are the church, whether alone or together. Whether we are helping people in need amongst our neighbourhoods, workplaces, colleges etc.,  or whether it is going abroad into Kenya to educate people into providing for themselves, or preaching the gospel through comedy or rap around the country, or initiating and helping out in groups of people as a church body. We can approach our mission in a variety of ways as a body and as individuals. Let us not restrict our expression, but rather let us each learn to support one another in our places of mission – and to celebrate all the fruit we see.

Let’s learn to be like this – together!

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