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The Way Forward

Hopefully, Spring is here now! It has seemed to take a long time coming this year. Spring feels like a good time for planning and preparing for the future. We have faced some real difficulties and challenges as a church in recent years, and it has felt a little wintry at times, though God’s vital hidden work was still going on in that season. Nevertheless, while not underestimating the challenges that still lie ahead, we detect a definite shift in the season, a new quickening of faith for our future and a sense of excitement about what lies ahead for us as a church family. There is something new and fresh for us already beginning to spring up. There is so much promise and potential in our garden!

In view of this, we want to encourage everyone to come together as a church family on the evening of 23rd of this month. We will be taking the time to refresh our sense of vision and purpose as a family on a mission. We will be seeking to paint a picture of the church God is calling us to be and the mission he has called us to fulfil. While learning from all that we have journeyed through together, and honouring our heritage, we are choosing not to focus on the problems and pain of the past, but to lift up our eyes to see what God is doing and wants to do in us and through us, and where he wants to take us next. We will be looking together at the way forward and the steps we need to take now to move towards that.

We want to encourage you that, if you are a member of this church family, you count yourself in. For those with young children and others unable to be with us, we will do all that we can, with technology,  to make you a part of it; but we want to encourage as many as possible to be in the room in the presence of God together as we consider our way forward as a family. See you there!

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