Mission: A Call To Dream

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At a recent meeting of those dreaming of what mission and community transformation might look like, Dave Helm shared this poem he had written; we loved it and we think you will too!

A Call to Dream

Come all you dreamers, schemers, kingdom seekers,

laid down lovers and truth speakers,

Prophets and prayers, creatives and seers:


I had a dream of dreamers dreaming, I saw a place with prayers praying,

Prophets speaking creative words And the heart of God leaning

To hear the quietest flicker of hoping and yearning


I heard an invitation to an open session of sharing and dreaming, seeking to hear

The Spirit’s yearning for the birth of a vision of what might be

With eyes and hearts wide open to see the possibility, the turning of a key

To unlock the potential and creativity. On the site of transformation a call to conversation

Open conversation with no prior reservation


To know the heart of God, to bare our hearts in love

For our fellow man, let’s do what we can


Fling wide the doors, open wide the gates to community,

to others, also sisters and brothers

Perchance to dream, perchance to dream of what if and what might be

To seek our destiny in each others’ company with humility and transparency

Until our hearts can see the possibility of God’s heart joined with my heart, each playing their part


What if there is enough? What if the vision forms?

What if my heart catches God’s heart

What if every mountain is laid low and every wall becomes a step up

Towards the next unfolding vision of lives turning, peace forming, prison doors opening

And loving the one we transform the town, loving the one we transform our world,

Loving the world we transform ourselves


I had a dream of dreamers dreaming, of lovers talking

Prayers praying and  prophets walking, and as we spoke with hearts broken

No words spoken, just tears flowing,  I heard God saying:


Broken hearts are my building blocks

What seems unyielding will break like rocks being broken

What’s spoken I give this token:


Do your thing even if it’s a wing and a prayer

What’s spoken will come to be

I give you liberty to look and see

Possibility, positivity, probability,

Prayerfully powerfully come to be


Come to me you broken and powerless

Forgotten and homeless

Unformed and hopeless

Resourceless and cause-free


Listen to me

Be who you want to be, loving and free to lay down your lives in sympathy

for the other who doesn’t look like you or me


And listen with your heart

To know what might be

Will be.


Dave Helm 20.10.17

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