The Fathers Heart

Prophetic Arts Gallery

These pictures are about the Fathers Heart and how he is a good Father.

the first one is called Father’s Adventure by Alison Lloyd

Being with him is about experiencing new heights. When we feel there is nothing underneath us and it feels precarious he asks us to   trust him.

the second one is called Father’s Safety by Alison Lloyd

he holds us tight and close. We can hear his heart beat and feel his breath. He loves us just as we are not because of what we achieve or think or say.

The third picture is called The Shepherd by Gill Shaw

I am a good Father and a good shepherd. I love my sheep and love my lambs. I love and care deeply for them, know them individually and by name. I provide for them and lead them to green pastures. I look after them and bring them back to safety if they go astray. I would lay down my life for my sheep, through the good weather and through the night and the storm.

He asks us also to be good Fathers ( and Mothers) and good shepherds.



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