Prophetic Reflection: Love Yourself

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A prophetic reflection from Sonya Shotter:

I was giving myself a hard time. I had been for my weekly swim at the Leisure Centre and was just showering all the chlorine off my body when I suddenly felt challenged by God that in my thought life it was important that I cut myself some slack. Why is that so difficult sometimes?

The bible says ‘love others as you love yourself’.  This speaks to me of how it should be natural to love myself. The Bible also says ‘we love because he first loved us’. But I have to love ME as well as loving others. I need to accord myself the same respect and kindness as I accord others. If I love ME well then surely I will love others more perfectly. If I accept that I am flawed yet loved then surely I will accept more readily that others are flawed and yet loved. If I make it a habit to not be down on myself so often then surely it will be easier to not be down on others.

I feel so honoured when I realise again that I am loved by God today! No ifs or buts! I AM LOVED – not just a little but extravagantly! Just as I extravagantly sweep my one-year-old grandson into my arms and with kisses declare ‘hello gorgeous!’ so God’s love is the same today towards me! It’s generous, unconditional and freely given. God help me to keep my thoughts in line with your thoughts about me.

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  1. Dave Helm

    Well said… easy to say and know as a truth, not so easy to do!


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