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We apologise for it taking longer than we had hoped to get these to you but we wanted you to have the opportunity to read the prophetic words that came from the season of prayer and fasting in January and February. We are just leaving them as they were transcribed; we hope to write further reflections on them over the next few weeks and months as we consider their significance to us.



You are light in a dark place, each one of you individually.

You are also a light together.

Your light is greater when you come together.


Tongue and Interpretation: You are not walking this pathway alone, I am with you every step of the way.  I will guide you, lead you and help you to achieve everything that is on my heart for both your town and the wider area. Yield to me and I will show you, step by step, what is on My heart.


Isaiah 40:3-5 – Together

A voice calling in the wilderness

Prepare the way of the Lord, make straight in the desert a highway for our God.

Every valley shall be raised up, every mountain and hill made low, the rough ground shall become low and the rugged places plain.

And the glory of the Lord shall be revealed and all people will see it.


Tongue and Interpretation: We are a people called by your name.  We have come to humble ourselves and pray and seek your face.Lord you will hear from heaven and heal our land. Our land, that is this town.  Our land, that is our neighbourhoods.  Our land, that is the people who come through these doors.  Our land, that is our work places. Our land, this our families and the people we love.


If you want to receive. You need to believe.




Speaking of positioning, appointing, alertness, watchfulness.

Knowing when the gates should be opened or remain closed.


Trust the process of the fire.  The fire is not a raging inferno; it is not a destructive fire.  It is a specific fire to burn up the things that are not good for us.  The fire is controlled.  Just like chocolate is heated to a specific temperature to make it shine so the fire is for specific things and is not to be feared.


The more you look at my glory, my purity, my beauty, my wonder, the more you experience me.  The more you will know what I want you to be transferred into.

I want you to be like me.

Then you won’t be satisfied with less, you won’t be alright about being like others.  For you all want to be more like me.  Be holy, pure, glorious, wonderful and beautiful.


Catch the fire!

Let me touch you with my holy fire.

Don’t be frightened by it – it is not to hurt you but transform you.

I want to send you to a broken world, you do not need to be perfect, you just need to be touched by holy fire.  And people you touch will also be touched and transformed with fire!


I came to you as the breath and also as fire.  The fire produces light and heat.  Wherever you go you are bring light in the darkness and heat to change the culture.


Prophetic Prayer: Broken, crushed, destroyed and washed away.

I am emptied out for you to fill me up to overflowing.


A massive surfing wave of God’s healing is going to sweep us up within it and the Holy Spirit will release himself within us.


Wave of healing are coming


I saw a small light in the distance which I thought was a single torch.

As I approached it I realised it was a very dirty searchlight.  As we sang in the Spirit and prayed pieces started falling from the searchlight.

The first beam of light went onto some fertile soil and immediately flowers of many colours bloomed immediately. I realised we were those flowers blooming and as we sang and prayed the whole area and world will be affected by a searchlight (a people) full of light.


Our meetings are never going to be the same again!

For each meeting, come with something amazing!

Leave with something you value and appreciable about your family.


You are on the greatest adventure – of bringing heaven to earth, so get use to the atmosphere, environment and culture of heaven – you are citizens of heaven.


Galatians 1:12 – Not received from man but a revelation of Jesus!

We declare that people will encounter Jesus for themselves, in the streets, in their bedroom, in work, in school – that they would not rely on others revelations but they would experience him and his presence for themselves and it will transform their lives.


We have an open door into heaven.

Now we have a privileged opportunity and responsibility to open the door to leave for other people.


God is a good father who isn’t watching us, reading the paper, at work or busy – he gives us his full attention.  He speaks truth in our lives so that lies of the world fall away.

Let’s take people from around us into your presence; those who feel rubbish, lost, alone, failures, broken so they can hear your truth too.

As those who are among us during the week, in our homes and at our work and say you are different, there is an atmosphere here I love.  Let’s not just be happy with this but find and open the door that they can walk into God’s presence.  Let us have wisdom, move in the Holy Spirit and seek ways to take them over the thresholds of the open door that they may see your face.  Let us create many open doors and show people the difference between being in your presence in fullness and outside with something of an atmosphere of love.


Look through the door I saw a big procession, a fiesta – bright, bold, joyful –I was impressed by the forward movement of the people and the momentum of the joyful crowd.


As we seek him, draw near to him, he draws near to us and His fragrance rubs off on us.  We will be blown away by how people are attracted to Jesus in us – both in JC and the places we live and work.


‘Behold I am coming, I am here and yet I am coming.  I am coming to transform your town, to transform your neighbourhoods and l will do it through a transformed people.

I am coming to transform you for I have found a people who lay themselves aside and allow themselves to be transformed.

Continue to be transformed by Me and know that I will bring transformation to those around you.’


God’s glory looks like love, grace and truth.

Love casts out fear.

Truth casts out lies.

We declare his truth and love over circumstances and people in our town.

DAY 10

Wait and trust in the as yet unseen.

Have hope, have faith and trust me.

Much is happening.  Do you perceive it?

Wait and trust.

They will come.

And they will flourish.


Look for the beauty in the bramble.

DAY 11

Just as a gardener stands back and views the beauty he is creating. Just as a sculptor stands back and views his work and like an artist looks at his work from different angles. So God is looking down on us and smiling and thinks, almost there, yes almost there!!


Since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us run the race set before us.


Reminded of word about field seemingly empty and then suddenly flowers and plants start shooting up; but I also have seen flowers on a tree still in the middle of dark winter.  I feel God is saying look around and see what He is already doing.

DAY 13

This is where you belong – the heavenlies, the realms of the Spirit, live here, you belong here, don’t be distracted by the earth.

Set hearts and minds on the heaven and the things of the Spirit.

DAY 14

When you pray you are bathing in my love for you – in my river of love.  Let my love make you strong and forever loving.  Amen.


Being a passionate Christian should be the norm for us all, not the exception.

If you opened a can of coke and it was flat, you would be disappointed.  We should not settle for a stale, mundane, dull, boring relationship with God!! We need the same FIZZ as when we were first saved.

DAY 15

I am building you into a castle; a place of substance on a hill,  not a flimsy, transient place but a substantial place built over many years.

The gates are open and all are welcome.  It is a safe place, a secure place for people to find refuge.  There is a flag flying showing that the king is in residence.  All who enter through the gates walk under a banner of love.


I saw a bee restricted by bands and paving but it kept drawing from the river and it broke through all restrictions – more!


One of the areas that there is more of,  is favour.  God has more favour for us and we can declare God’s favour over others.


A vision: I saw Hi fi cables with gold contacts plugged into a socket in the Throne room of heaven laid out into the world.  Then more cables were drawn to connect with this cable and the sound of heaven was taken out into the world drawing more to it.

DAY 16

We were in the Cotswolds this week and the countryside was beautiful, but what attracted our attention most were the trees. They were magnificent. There were avenues of them, banks of them, forests and mature hedgerows interspersed with them.  The trees were magnificent in size and stature, colour and shape, strength and fullness, providing shelter and yielding to every breath of wind.  They were full of wild flowers creating a haze all around.  We were so attracted by them, we had to stand and gaze upon them. And God says – This is how my church will be.  This is how I see each one of you and how the world will see you. I am making you magnificent in size and stature, in colour and shape, in strength and fullness.  You will provide shelter and you will yield to every breath of my Spirit. I will clothe you with my glory; the wild flowers represent a new season of holiness and purity.  The fragrance from our flowers will draw people to us for it is a new fragrance something the world has not been aware of until now. It is a fragrance of holiness and purity.  It is a fragrance of hope and of peace and of love.

DAY 17

Come up higher. Come soar with me. Rise on wings like eagles. See from my perspective the vastness of what I am doing in the earth. Come higher. Come soar with me.


Though we love coming into God’s house, God’s presence, it is not a static thing.  For we are continually under the shadow of His wings and at times He carries us on eagles’ wings;  so where ever you go, stay continually in His presence, don’t move unless His presence is with you.

DAY 18

Those working with the broken, do not underestimate the power of the seeds you have sown.  For though the fields may still feel barren, but the seeds are peacefully at work beneath the ground and you will see the fruit of the seeds you have sown.

DAY 19

Lift up your head

Lift up your spirit

It is right to do so

One God now and forever

Father, Son and Holy Spirit

DAY 21

I saw rhubarb growing in the rhubarb forcing sheds, then liquorice growing in Pontefract.  In Yorkshire we have the right climate and conditions for the growth of these. Then God said that we have the right conditions for growth he has given us – so let’s work with him in planting, watering, tending and pruning when necessary.  Like farmers in the old days gathering together for the harvest, we need to work together until the day when we say ‘right, let’s get this harvest in’ rejoicing and giving thanks


Listen carefully. There is going to be a fresh impetus of the river of my Spirit.  In this season, I need you to listen carefully and be free to learn new things.  Don’t think that you know what to do.  Don’t rely on the old ways.  Become like a child, have open and teachable hearts; as it is children who understand the Kingdom of God.


Not only will you experience the flow of the River in greater measure; Not only will you experience angelic visitation and manifestation; You will experience the wind of My Spirit filling your sail, lifting your wings for you to soar higher; So rise on wings like eagles and see what I am doing.  Soar higher than ever before. For you have not been here before.


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