Reflection: December 2019 – A New Day

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Early the next morning…

Life is not a matter of trying to balance things but of responding to rhythms and seasons.

The creation of the earth tells us the evening passed and morning came, and God looked at this rhythm, saying it was good. This pattern is repeated and many exciting bible stories begin “early the next morning….”. Just as the sunrise brings a new day, so a new morning speaks to us spiritually of fresh hope, new life, fulfilled promises and miracles.

New Day, New Life

We can see this rhythm in the resurrection story. After the death of Jesus, the disciples were in the depths of grief and sorrow. Their dreams had been dashed, their vision darkened and their hope of life had died. But then… “Early on Sunday morning, as the new day was dawning…” (Matt.28:1), the women went to the tomb to find out that it wasn’t the end of the story. There was miracle, life and hope – He is risen!

The same story in John starts differently “Early morning while it was still dark” (John 20:1) For some won’t see the sunrise – they still feel pain, but in faith they can understand that it is a new day.

The Night

The night is often seen as a season of difficulty and barrenness. But night can be for the purpose of our:

  • Rest and recuperation –  like sleep
  • Recalibration of vision and purpose
  • Protection –  a time of being hidden away
  • Pruning and cutting back –  both the fruitful and barren
  • Self-examination of our heart and deep surgery

God is gracious and gives us time and space to work these through. He gives us the responsibility to find out why we are in the dark, and wisdom to deliberately work these through ready for the next season.

A New Day Dawning

In our last month of this season of challenges, the spirit is already bringing the truth of a new day and promise of a beautiful sunrise. We should ensure that we have fully learned the lessons of rest, pruning, heart surgery and recalibration. The morning brings life, hope, activity and hunger. Those who have rested well will find refreshing, joy and newness along the horizon. A new day is about to dawn – He is risen!

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