Why Family?

Because this is who we are.  We are family.  Sunday gatherings are a time for the family to meet together as a whole but deeper connections are made when we spend time in small groups together. They are a place where our family grows both for today and tomorrow.


Why Hub?

Hubs are central places where things come together and are sent out. Hubs are crucial to the success of the “system” they are a part of – eg. travel, network, wheel. There is purpose to a hub. Hubs are full of movement and they work together with a common purpose.


Our Vision

Family Hubs are places for people of all generations, cultures and backgrounds, who meet as regular groups and ‘pop-up’ entities, to learn & journey together being loved into life and living in love.
‘No more socials’ – there is no such thing as a ‘social’ event. God created everything and is in everything, so all that we are and all that we do involves Him.
Family hubs are places for us to spend time in the word, prayer and worship.  They are places to find support in all areas of life.  They are places to make a plan on how you can community.  They are places for us to grow together in love.
They are flexible to the needs in the group and the wider community.  They can be hosted in homes or outdoors, in Coffee Shops or local parks.