Show Kindness

In the book of 2 Samuel there’s an incredible story where David asks the question “Who is there I can show kindness to?”. In conversation with Trevor Lloyd, Steve Jones discusses and explores the concept of covenant kindness and challenges us to always be asking that very question “Who can I show kindness to?”

Good News In Stories

We all love a good story! They help us relate to each, connect with each other and find our place in the world. Jesus used stories to tell us what his Father is like and we can use them to tell people what Jesus is like. This week Alison guides us through one way we can do this.

Good Lives, Works and News

Last week Trevor talked about the big picture of filling the earth with the goodness of God. This week he takes time to consider with us what that looks like practically in the three areas of Good Lives, Works and News.

Celebrate Goodness

We talk about God’s glory covering the whole earth. But what do we mean by God’s glory? Trevor Lloyd encourages us that it is to see God’s likeness shining & to see what God is like in all his brilliance. And God is good! Let’s celebrate goodness. Listen here for more on how to do this.

Be Fruitful

Jesus commands us to be fruitful but what does this look like in our daily lives and does it matter to us? Richard Anniss joined us on Sunday to help us explore this topic.

It Is For Freedom

As followers of Jesus we know that no matter where we find ourselves in the physical we are free. And we are called to bring that freedom to others. Here’s Dan to encourage us.

What Happens At The Gates?

Even though we currently find ourselves in lock down we have taken some time over the past few weeks to talk about open gates. Here Trevor Lloyd takes a look through Acts and encourages us with what can happen at the gates.

Serving in Humility

Being a City on a Hill is not about being being the biggest, loudest or the strongest. It’s about serving our community with humility and letting the light of Jesus shine through. Here’s Dan to share some thoughts on the subject.

We Are With You

Trevor encourages us that we can all be champions but equally we can all champion each other. Become an armour bearer today and think about who you can say “I Am With You” to.

Dig The Wells

This is a season for drawing from what is within you but it’s also a season for digging. Dan encourages us to keep digging the wells.