Preaching (Page 2)

Preaching (Page 2)

What Happens At The Gates?

Even though we currently find ourselves in lock down we have taken some time over the past few weeks to talk about open gates. Here Trevor Lloyd takes a look through Acts and encourages us with what can happen at the gates.

Serving in Humility

Being a City on a Hill is not about being being the biggest, loudest or the strongest. It’s about serving our community with humility and letting the light of Jesus shine through. Here’s Dan to share some thoughts on the subject.

We Are With You

Trevor encourages us that we can all be champions but equally we can all champion each other. Become an armour bearer today and think about who you can say “I Am With You” to.

Dig The Wells

This is a season for drawing from what is within you but it’s also a season for digging. Dan encourages us to keep digging the wells.

The God Who Finishes

Are you a person who is good at finishing things? The good news is our God is the God who Finishes. Sara Cosgrove tells us why this is so important for me, you and the world around us.

A Captivated Heart

When your heart is captivated by something it overflows into what you do, think and say. Dan asks us to consider the question “What has captivated you ?“