Preaching (Page 3)

Preaching (Page 3)

What If It’s True?

Our response to the Gospel is determined by whether we believe it’s true or not. And if we believe it’s true there’s only one possible response as Dan explains.

Fruit From A Good Heart

As part of our Harvest Festival Alison talks to us about the fruit that comes from a good heart. The fruit of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self control.

Building with Faith, Hope & Love

After the shaking at Pentecost what was left was a community that demonstrated three things – Faith, Hope and Love. Trevor Lloyd helps us to understand further what these three things look like in relationship with God and each other.

Building in the Shaking

There is a lot of shaking going on in our world and in the church globally.  It is important that individually and together we discover a quiet, still centre with God, to enable and empower us to build community together in the shaking, as well as in the Rubble!  Trevor Lloyd shares from the book of Haggai to encourage us as we live through the shaking.

Be Still

We live in turbulent times but our response is not to fight but to “Be Still & Know That I Am God”. Dan opens up Psalm 46 & explores what this can mean for us.

Being, Doing & Calling

Doing is about knowing that God has purposed you, knowing God uses you and knowing God has a plan for you and you are part of something bigger than just getting on with life. Sara helps us to think about what our calling is both as individuals and a community together.

Progress Not Perfection

Our journey through the Christian life should be one of progress and not striving towards a goal of perfection. Ruth expands on two key areas of this – Resilience and Responsibility