Exploring Pastoral Care

Exploring Pastoral Care

“Exploring Pastoral Care” is a 6 week course which has been produced by the Pastoral Care Network. It is suitable for all church members and is particularly relevant for anyone who is involved, or thinking about becoming involved, in pastoral care in the church and community. The course considers a Christian perspective of pastoral care, dimensions and definitions of pastoral care, who is called to care for whom, caring qualities, Jesus the carer, listening to others, to God and to ourselves, confidentiality and resources.

We will divide down into small groups (of about 8 people) and each have our own course book. Each session is designed for 1½ hours and offers opportunity for bible study, discussion, sharing and reflection.

If you would like to do the course please add your name to the sign-up list at reception or send an email to Trevor Shotter. There might be some flexibility over the timings so if you’d like to do the course but the timings don’t quite work for you let Trevor know.

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