Helpful Tools

As a church family we are on a journey of discovering what it is to Follow Jesus Together.

Here are some helpful tools to help you in your spiritual growth.

The Bible Project

Understanding and using the Bible for our spiritual growth is vitally important, but the Bible can sometimes be confusing and difficult, easily twisted and used in unhealthy and unhelpful ways. One of the best resources available to help us to understand the Bible as a unified big Story that leads us to Jesus is the Bible Project. We highly recommend it.

The Bible Project also have an app that you can download.


The Bible Course

Another great resource to help you to understand the Bible is The Bible Course, produced by the Bible Society. It helps you to see how all the different books of the Bible fit together into one big Story. We run this course from time to time in our church, but you can access it for yourself at the Bible Society website.

Lectio 365

Developing a strong and consistent prayer life in our busy, secular world can be challenging. Resources produced by can really help us to do so. Many of us have used and benefited from their fantastic app, Lectio 365, to guide our daily prayer.

Lectio for Families

There is now also a version of lectio for young families so that you can pray together and help your children to learn a life of prayer.

This Cultural Moment

It is important, as Christians, that we are aware of the times we are living in and how culture can affect us. This is an excellent podcast for helping us to do this. It is hosted by John Mark Comer (Portland, USA) and Mark Sayers (Melbourne, Australia) and they help us to consider some of the cultural trends in our society and how we can respond as Christians in our post-Christian world.

LifeWords Resources Blog

We have our own LifeWords blog on which we will regularly review books, podcasts and other helpful resources that can help and equip you in your spiritual growth. It will also provide discussion guides for some books we encourage people to read as a church family.