A Creative Minority 4 – An Alternative Moral Vision


A Key Scripture

Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. (1 Peter 3:15)

Key Quotes

Far too often, Christians spend time working on the answer for a question people are simply not asking because our lives look identical to those around us. A Creative Minority displays reordered hearts and lives that invite the question. (p.35)

We must live in the kingdom of God in such a way that it provokes questions for which the Gospel is the answer. — Lesslie Newbigin (quoted on p.36)


This week, we continue to look at the six defining characteristics of a creative minority. We reflect on the third:

Ethics – A Distinct Moral Vision: we are not just called to believe certain things; we are called to a live out a way of life that is different. It is the way of life Jesus defines for us in the Sermon on the Mount. This life is determined by the story we are living in. It comes from having ‘reordered hearts’ that are being changed by Jesus and the gospel story of the kingdom of God. It will largely be shown by how we respond to the main idols of our age. These are the good gifts of God that have been distorted by pagan society – sex, money and power. An alternative approach to these will set us apart from the prevailing culture while also beginning to answer the deepest longings of our generation. A chaste approach to sex, a selfless use of power, and a generosity with money point to a distinct moral vision. This combination of faithfulness, servanthood and generosity will provoke questions from the culture around us to which the gospel is the answer. We must live in such a way that provokes such questions from those around us.

Questions for Reflection

  1. Why do we too often live just the same way as people around us?
  2. How can we begin to live out the story of the gospel?
  3. What might a different approach to sex, money and power look like in practice?


Next week we will look at the third characteristic of A Creative Minority: Practices. We will look at what practices we can cultivate to ensure we are being shaped by the gospel and not by the culture around us.

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