All Things New – Discussion Guide 1



The Foreword, Preface and Introduction

One Key Quote:

“The story you live in is the story you live out.”


Foreword by Pete Greig – assures us that the writer is passionately and courageously living out this Story he lives in and is encouraging us all to live in; and that it is a timely message in the light of what God is doing in our time.

Preface – the writer, Pete Hughes, shares his sense of call to ‘proclaim afresh in each generation’ the greatest story ever told. He encourages and challenges us: if we want to rewrite the stories of our communities we need to know and tell the Story of God’s mission to make all things new.

Introduction – using illustrative stories from the planting and growing of their own church in London and from a mission trip to Uganda, PH explains why he believes commitment to the renewal of culture must begin by immersing ourselves in the story of Scripture. This is because ‘the story you live in is the story you live out.’ And because the Story of Scripture is not about escaping to heaven but about the renewing and the restoring of the earth, of making all things new. God invites us into this Story.

Reflect and Discuss:

  1. What hopes and expectations does this opening to the book stir in you?
  2. What do you think it might mean to ‘live in’ the Story of Scripture?
  3. Can you think of any ways you and others have been involved in ‘living out’ the Story of Scripture?
  4. What difference does it make if the Story is not about escaping to heaven but about seeing the renewal and restoration of the earth?


  • Commit to reading and reflecting on this book and discussing it with others
  • Recommit to reading Scripture regularly if you have let this slip


Read Part 1, Chapters 1 and 2 over the next week. If you are a fast reader, read them twice, and explore them –  highlight, and annotate them. Some may find some of his exploration of different ancient creation stories a little challenging, but stick with it: the points he is bringing out of them are important.

There is a PDF version of this Discussion Guide here.

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  1. Ian S

    1. We/I can make a positive contribution to the plan of Christ for our community.
    2. To take that step of faith that is stirring in our hearts, and “do” .
    3. I have been fortunate enough to visit Kenya 4 times and help practically, and also visited Uganda with a similar purpose.
    4. Before we escape to Heaven, that itself sounds like cheating, surely we have to create and leave a legacy for others.

    • Trevor Lloyd

      Don’t know how I have missed your comments in WordPress, Ian. Apologies! This is great. Thanks for contributing.

  2. Trevor Shotter

    Loving that he is emphasising the importance of being people of the word. An awareness of the cultures we live in is important but those cultures must never become our map and compass.
    Also, “God is in the business of renewing all things and restoring creation, including the humanity he made in his image and likeness.” – an amazingly exciting and transformative truth; we’re not hanging on for God’s great escape plan, we’re building with him to see a total restoration of the Earth – a new Earth.

    • Trevor Lloyd

      I also love his emphasis on Scripture Trev and glad it is not in just a dogmatic way but in a way that it helps to form and shape us and determine the story we get to live out.

  3. Alison Lloyd

    I love the story about ghe ponds and the Tent. It makes me think what do we have as a church body we can use to create the means to bring about change? Exciting and inspiring

    • Trevor Lloyd

      Yeah, I also love how practical it is – not just getting into the Bible but living it out in adventurous and transformative ways!


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