I have just finished reading All Things New for the first time and loved it. Hope some of you will join me as I read it again. If you want to join me on this reading journey, your minds will be stretched for parts of it but I hope that your hearts will be inspired by the whole of it. It offers some new and rich insights into Scripture and into God’s purpose for us and for his world, but, overall, it simply and excitedly traces the great salvation story that runs throughout the Bible and that inspires us with hope for our broken world. As it takes us from creation to de-creation and then recreation, it reminds us what a great Story and purpose we are part of. It encouraged me to give myself afresh to God’s good plan for his world. This is a great big picture backdrop for our response to God’s current word to us as a church about Being Fruitful. This is how we restore Eden and see the world filled with the garden of God.

I am planning on posting a blog post every Monday based on the chapters I hope people will have read or be reading. It will bring out some of the main points and then suggest questions to help us reflect and apply to our lives what we read, individually and together. It would be great if some people engaged in discussion by posting comments and, if there is enough interest, we may arrange a couple of Reading Club Zoom meetings to discuss it further.

We will start gradually and try not to cover too many chapters within one week; I expect it to take us between 8-10 weeks: some of you will read it quicker but please do still engage with the discussion with the rest of us by posting in the comments. I will start this coming Monday by posting on the Foreword, Preface and Introduction. Pete Hughes reminds us that the story we live in is the story we live out. Immersing ourselves in the big Story of Scripture will help us to live out the purpose of God in our daily lives and everyday worlds.

…the story we live in is the story we live out.

Pete hughes

If you haven’t got it already, you can get a copy of the book from Amazon. If you would love to join us on this reading journey but would struggle to afford a copy, please email me or the church office; we have a couple of spare copies.

I am really looking forward to us reading this book together. Enjoy! I will catch up with you on the journey!

Trevor Lloyd

P.S. Join us on our Be Fruitful study in Family Hubs too; email the office if you are not part of a Hub but would like to be.