Get Ready to Eliminate Hurry


Tomorrow (Wednesday 15th April) we will post our first discussion guide for our first book, The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry by John Mark Comer. We will start with reviewing and reflecting on the Foreword, Prologue and first main chapter. There will be a few questions to prompt reflection and discussion, but then people are welcome to post any reflections or questions here on the blog, in the comments section, or as comments on the related Facebook page.

It would help me to know, then, how quickly people want to work through the book. My aim was to post the guide for the next 2 chapters on Saturday and then for the following 2 chapters, next Wednesday. This means we will be working through about 4 chapters a week. Does that seem reasonable? I realise that people read at different speeds. And I certainly don’t want to hurry anyone! There may be some who, like me, have already read it and now want to read it through again at a slower pace. Please feel free to let me know what works best for you by leaving a comment.

If there is enough interest, we can also arrange occasional discussions about the book, via Zoom. Again, please let me know if you’d be interested in this.

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  1. Ali Sharman

    That is so great as it just so happens I bought the book last week. 4 chapters per week is quite a lot for me especially as I’m in a reading group run by Honley Library which is still running. 2 chapters per week would be more manageable. I would hate to have to read it in a hurry but reflect on it which takes more time.

  2. Roo

    I will be reading! Will try & keep up!!

  3. Trevor Lloyd

    OK. I will post the next discussion guide for the next 2 chapters at the weekend, and then let me know how you get on before I post anymore.


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