We start reflecting this week on our new book in the LifeWords Book Club, A Creative Minority (2016) by Jon Tyson and Heather Grizzle. In contrast to our last one, this is a very short book. You could probably read it in an evening, and you might want to do that in order to get the main message. But I would then encourage you to read it through again slowly and thoughtfully and join in the reflection and discussion, leaving your thoughts and ponderings in the comments section.

It fits very well with our current focus on our journey as a church – Roots Down, Walls Down. It encourages us in how we can respond as a minority in what can be a frightening and hostile world at times. We don’t need to react from fear, either fighting or fleeing or hiding behind walls. Rather, we can get more deeply rooted in our life in Christ, in our commitment to one another, into the different way of living that God has called us into in his different kingdom, the way of Jesus. But then we also stay fully engaged in our world and make a difference in it. We stay fully engaged in our workplaces, our neighbourhoods and our local communities. In other words, we both send our roots down and we keep our walls down. That’s what it means to live as a creative minority.