Welcome to our new book club – LifeWords Book Club. We are going to use this blog to encourage people – in small groups and, sometimes, as a whole church family – to engage in reading books together. That is, reading both books of the Bible and general books that help encourage, envision and equip us in our Christian faith, life and mission in today’s world. We will also use it to post reviews of, and introductions to, such books. I may also post or link to good articles about reading.

We are going to start with two studies. Firstly, we want to welcome the whole church to join us in reading, studying and meditating on a book of the Bible – Paul’s letter to the Philippians. This will start during the week beginning 5th April 2020. Secondly, for anyone who’d like to join, we are going to read and discuss together a book by John Mark Comer called The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry. This was a book which we were encouraged to read by Ness Wilson in her message to us that you can see here on this blog. It is currently available on kindle for £3.99. We will start this in the week after Easter.

Watch out for upcoming blog posts introducing both these studies.

One writer and commentator who has encouraged me to widen and deepen my own reading is a guy called C. Christopher Smith and he wrote:

In a frenetic age, Christians should be the ones whose lives model a different way of living and being—one that is attentive, compassionate and kind. Reading well, I believe, will guide us into this new and different way.

C. christopher smith

You can read the whole article that this quote is from here. So let’s encourage one another in attentive reading of Scripture and other books. Hope you can join us!