The Chosen – Series 1, Episodes 1 and 2

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We said that we would encourage people to watch The Chosen as a way of helping us to ‘consider Jesus’ in fresh and captivating ways over the next 2-3 months. Try the first 2 episodes and see what you think about how Jesus is introduced into very human and historical situations.

You can watch the episodes here on YouTube:

But if you want to avoid having to fast forward through the talk and the adverts you can play it directly from the makers of it at Angel Studies here:

After watching the episodes for the first time or again, why not write down in the comments about what you thought. What do you think of its portrayal of the reality of the historical situation? Why do you think it all starts with the story of Mary Magdalene? What do you think of how the familiar characters are represented – Peter and Andrew? Mary? Matthew? Nicodemus? And what do you think of how Jesus is portrayed? How do you feel about the writers and makers of the series using their imagination with the Bible to capture what it might have been like? Does it help you to consider Jesus in new ways?

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  1. Alison L

    I was so moved by the portrayal of Jesus love for Mary. It really touched me. To think that Jesus, a Jewish man, went and regarded a woman of disrepute worth his care and love equal to that of men.

    I love the way they portray Jesus with a twinkle in his eye and a sense of humour.

    • Trevor Lloyd

      Yeah! Me too!!


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