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A couple of days before Alison and Janette shared prophetic words last Sunday (see here), I had a dream that there was an event happening at Jubilee Centre. In the main hall, there was a choir concert with three equal-sized groups who were next to one another and performing together. Trevor, Alison and Abigail were sitting in front of the groups, enjoying everything that was happening.  Everyone else was sitting in rows in the reception area and it was full. The next thing that I knew is that we had all moved from the reception area to outside, in the car park.  We were watching the event on a large screen. The volume of what we were watching was low though, so I felt like it needed to be turned up.

I had another half-awake/half-asleep dream about a week later after I had asked God to show me the meaning of the first dream.  I had a sense that the three groups performing together, in the place where we worship together, is a picture of the Trinity.  Trevor, Alison and their family represent us all in that place of worship.  That’s where it all starts.  (Wonderfully, when I shared this word on Sunday, it followed an amazing time of worshipping Jesus and a strong sense of His presence with us.)  From this comfortable ‘inside space’, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit send us out, first to the reception area where we greet and welcome people into the church.  But we go beyond that, outside into the ‘streets and paths’ to share His love with the world.  God’s presence goes with us – we are not moving away from Him but going with Him.  In this time and place, as we move out, we need to hear God’s voice more than ever – we need to ‘turn up the volume’ to hear Him speak.  The people we meet on the streets and paths need to hear His voice too.

I have a strong sense that God is leading us out as a church, and as individuals and families, to go out into new places, or re-start things that have laid dormant for a while.  For some, this might mean going to a country that has been on your heart for a while in order to tell people about Jesus.  For others, it might mean re-starting a project or ministry that brings the love of the Kingdom of Heaven to earth.  For other people, it may mean joining a group in your community.  It is a time for going out into new, fresh things and spaces.  As we ‘enter the land’, we need to ask God what those things and places are for each of us.  We, and the people we meet, need to hear His voice as He speaks.   Ephesians 2 v10 says: For we are God’s masterpiece.  He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago

(Jessica Davies)

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