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A Turning Point and Stepping into the Outside Space

A threshold is a place of stopping and considering. It’s a place that speaks of embarking on a sense of going, it’s a place of change. It’s a place where consideration is given to where one is heading, to where one wants to go, and what one leaves behind in order to step out.

To step out there is a turning point where one turns around to go. Where one’s focus and eyes are diverted from the immediate and comfortable. Where a decision is made to remove the gaze on the inside space which has been created around us and by us – the inside space is contained, familiar to us, controlled and it fills our peripheral vision. This inside space looks like us, our dreams, and our likes.

The threshold is a place where we move out and towards others, into the streets and paths around us. A place where we decide to go out into the living and moving space of others. We take our skills and strengths from the inside with us, we carry our spring of living waters within us ready to overflow.

We step out showing interest and commitment to others, expressing our compassion and love. In this outside space, there is pain and need, challenges and new experiences. It is not controlled or comfortable and it doesn’t look like us. There is brokenness out on the streets, heartache and suffering but it is where Jesus/we choose to walk. As disciples, I call you to know and love your neighbourhoods and be those who are ‘restorer of streets with dwellings’. Those who bring the Kingdom of Heaven and hope into your neighbourhoods.

(Alison Lloyd)

A Place of Beginnings – Moving Into the New

A threshold is simply a strip of wood or stone that forms the bottom of a doorway into a house or room.  In ordinary life we can stand on or at the threshold of a door.  The door can be closed, but we believe as a church we are standing in front of doors that are open and so can catch a glimpse of what is on the other side.

We are standing close to the start of some new things in God but we need to make a deliberate decision to cross the threshold and move into the new things ahead.  If we just stand at the threshold and don’t cross over, we will miss what is on the other side.  The glimpse of what is on the other side only takes on meaning and opens up to us once we cross over the threshold. 

If I am invited to see someone’s newly decorated living room, I may be able to catch a glimpse of the sofa or wallpaper through the door but I only see the full glory of the handiwork when I go through the door. I see the bigger picture when I cross over the threshold.

As with Joshua and the people of Israel, we must move to take possession of the land. The promised land has to be entered and leaders lead the way. (Joshua 1-3)

The threshold is a place of beginning – a place of transition that involves leaving behind some “stuff”.  We need to leave some burdens from the past in the past and move forward with empty hands.  Carrying a load of baggage means our hands aren’t open and we need to be open to God and to be able to cross over hand in hand with one another.

There are new faces among us and that means new people to walk alongside, with new adventures and challenges.  I feel that this will be a time of fresh things for new believers but also for those who have been Christians for a long time.  It is easy to become a little dusty on our spiritual journey and it could well be the time to wash ourselves off under the shower of God’s love – to be refreshed and ready to step up to the plate in supporting those who are new to the journey.  Together and hand in hand we move forward into what God has for us as individuals and a community of believers.

In Joshua 3:5  it says “Then Joshua told the people, “Purify yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do great wonders among you.”

(Janette Battye)

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