Prophetic Words – December 2021

Worship & Prophetic

Lift your heads oh you ancient gates and be lifted up your ancient doors, that the King of glory may come in.

Prepare the way for the King of Glory,  the King of Heaven.  He is coming in love and power.

Open up your hearts and minds for a new expression of His love and His power. Open up your hearts and minds to share His love and His power in new expression.

Who is this King of Glory? The one who is also the Servant King. For He came to send and to share his love and power by coming to serve.  He is calling us to be His disciples to copy and follow His ways.

For He is ready to come in love and power.


When Trevor was talking about walking he stated that when we stumble we need to get up and walk again.

The Lord prompted to me the need to swipe off the dust before we move forward.

There is no point in carrying on with the weight of failure, but by dusting it off we are putting it behind and move forward in newness.

Wendy S

The throne room is open, all may come in.

Pamela S

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