Prophetic words – November 2021

Worship & Prophetic

You care for the land and water it, you enrich it abundantly. The Streams of God are filled with water to provide the people with grain, so for you have ordained it. In our feelings of lack and “not enough” God’s streams are always filled water to provide for us in our drought.  This is how he ordained it.

Psalm 65

We can reach to him and find fulness in his abundance.

Look up to look forward! For those facing challenges, uncertainty, or confusion ahead,  be re-ignited by me!  Fix your gaze on me and you will see the way. Trust and find strength for the journey whatever it involves!

Singing “Way Maker together felt really significant.  It was such an important song that we sang in Lockdown individually and as households.  Now as we meet together, it seems all the more powerful.  So wonderful to declare the truths of the words and see the joy on others faces. Standing in the present time praise the Lord for everyday we cherish, every moment of everyday with sunshining on our faces till the dusk of days

Be brave and stand up against anything that is scary.


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