Prophetic words – October 2021

Worship & Prophetic

These are words that people wrote in the prophetic books in October. These may speak to you personally and, if they do so, we encourage you to receive them, and pray them into and over your life. Any that we feel help us on our corporate journey together as a church family we will comment on and may explore further in future posts.

Victory is mine says the Lord! In the dark areas of your mind I want to bring victory and I want to do it today, so what do I need from you…….. say yes to me, and keep saying yes day by day, week by week and year by year and I will bring victory into those dark areas of your mind, say yes today.

A reporter once said “Elvis has left the building. ” God says  Don’t let my spirit leave you as faith is more precious than mere gold.  It’s not about what you feel or sense but about hearing the truth of my Son the Risen Christ.

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