Where are your feet at?

Worship & Prophetic

This prophetic word was originally shared during our Sunday gathering on 24th October 2021.

“I have called you by name to follow me. To walk in my footsteps. Walking starts with your feet. So where are your feet at? 
Swampy ground- want to follow Jesus and obey his voice but the delights of the world money, roles, being needed. pull you back from a heavenly path?  Look up and fix your eyes on me.

Icy, slippy ground- try to set off but thoughts and doubts cause you to slide. unforgiveness and  criticism take you out. Take hold of those thoughts and attitudes and change them. Change your shoes into those that don’t slide back to places you have come out from. 

Feet are up with your slippers on- comforts and niceties keep you resting. As long as you can walk to the fridge for your next snack life is good. I am calling you to something bigger, a kingdom purpose, a life laid down for others. 

Feet still in bed- COVID left you exhausted, anxious and hiding. Even there my love can reach you. Don’t just physically rest but actively wait on me. Renew your strength. Stand in the centre of my presence and find peace.

So where are your feet at?

I am calling you by name. Can you hear me? Stand up put your feet on the solid rock.  Put your socks and the right shoes on. Be ready. Come follow me. Don’t be afraid I’ll show you how, one step at a time. I’ll show you where to walk. I will keep you safe. Come on a journey with me but this journey starts with recognising where your feet are at. “

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